VO2 Max

V02 Max Video

This VO2 max video does an excellent job of explaining expensive and difficult Vo2 max testing. It also shows how smartwatch technology can estimate VO2 max within close proximity for most individuals. 

Will the expensive lab testing for VO2 max remain much longer, or will it become a relic in antiquated expensive medical technology? 

What's VO2 Max?

For years VO2 max has been an important measurement of high endurance athletes. It measures maximum aerobic capacity. This is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process to produce energy. 

It was first used scientifically back in 1922. Since then, many elite athletes use it as a benchmark for optimal conditioning. The test itself is cumbersome. It requires running for a number of minutes to reach peak levels. It is tiring and may be risky for those who have not trained.

However, for those looking for a safer, less inconvenient measurement of VO2 max, there is an alternative. It’s the smartwatch or exercise monitor.  

By wearing a smartwatch and monitoring resting heart rate, athletes can now get a reasonably accurate measurement of VO2 max. Anyone with a Fitbit or Apple watch can get this information. However, the most accurate ‘at-home’ style test is a chest strap-on heart monitor device. 

Tests for VO2 Max

Historically, VO2 Max required lab testing. This testing may run as low as $120 per test up to $1,000. 

More recently, high-performance endurance athletes are turning to smartwatches. It is becoming more common to scrap the costly Vo2 max in the lab for more economical sports wearable devices. Tests have shown these devices can report a reasonably accurate (perhaps +/- 5%) VO2 max levels. 

The benefit for endurance athletes if more frequent feedback based on their training regimen. 

Even an inexpensive Fitbit device has shown to offer a somewhat accurate heart health score based on VO2 max. 

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Consistent Exercise Improves VO2 Max in Sedentary Adults

A meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials quantifies the effect of aerobic exercise on VO2 max (aerobic fitness) among sedentary older adults. See more at VO2 Max Improved in Older Adults.

The meta-analysis looked at over 40 trials which included a mean age of 60 or more. Its conclusion:

Endurance training improves aerobic fitness in older adults, thus providing protective benefits for cardiovascular aging and quality of later life.

Should You Pay for Expensive VO2 Max Testing?

With the current smart tech on the market today, we recommend against it for most of our patients. Some of the ‘Big-Brand‘ Age Management Clinics still promote this as an important factor in their care for bioidentical hormone replacement, (including HGH), lifestyle modification, diet, and exercise. 

As more information continues reaching the public through the internet and social media, savvy patients are seeing through the hype and learning elite wellness isn’t achieved with expensive testing. There are alternatives that work just fine for the majority with an interest in the aerobic capacity – even elite athletes. 

The test may not be relevant today, with the advanced smart-gadgets available to us. At least in our opinion. Even for high-performance endurance athletes.

When we learn that a smartphone has the computing power greater than an Appolo spacecraft, it may be time to move beyond 1922 VO2 max technology and advance towards cost-reduction, modern convenience, and high-tech efficiencies by using advanced consumer wearables. 

About Us

The Anti-Aging and Wellness Treatment Centers were created in 2013 by offering the highest quality age management and anti-aging therapies at the most affordable rates.

We serve a wide range of patients. From the executive CEO to the frontline worker looking for optimal health and wellness without unnecessary expenses. 

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TJ, Mexico HGH Costs $550.00 initial exams $450.00 monthly
Costa Rica HGH Costs $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly

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Tijuana Mexico Anti-Aging and Wellness HGH $450.00

Just go to any typical U.S. city. Norditropin HGH is $1,250.00 or higher for 10MG/30IU Injection pen. The same medications at our treatment centers is $450 to $550 U.S.

U.S. residents are getting robbed blind by big-pharma for certain medications like human growth hormone replacement therapy. 

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Dr. Paola Rosales, MD Medical Director Tijuana, MX

Dr. Paola Rosales, MD Medical Director Tijuana, MX

Dr. Rosales is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico- Medical Doctor. She attended High School in Southern California and holds dual US/Mexican Citizenship.

She is trained and experienced in Aesthetic Medical Solutions and worked heavily with Botox, Dysport, and Restylane-L in Carnival Cruise Line’s “on-ship” MedSpa.

Dr. Rosales has also gone through extensive training in Anti-Aging Modalities such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. Dr. Rosales assisted with the preparation of up to date somatropin for sale price information in Tijuana Mexico.

Tijuana Treatment Center Dr. RosalesWe are located in a state-of-the-art medical facility along with plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, dermatologists and more.

We opened the center back in 2015 and have been serving the needs of Californians and others frustrated with the rising cost of elective medical procedures in the U.S. 

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