Preventing & Reversing Diabetes

Reverse Diabetes. Type II diabetes can be controlled and reversed following a medically supervised whole food plant-based diet. 

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Dr. Neal Barnard and others have pioneered a completely new way to approach diabetes. Actually, for the first time in hundreds or perhaps thousands of years, we are finally showing human beings how to return to a more natural diet.  When we do, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancers, hypertension, stroke, and more, all begin to decline in the population.

Have you ever heard of the link between diabetes and dairy?

Probably not. But, there appears to be significant evidence. More researchers than ever are informing us what we already should know instinctively. Cow’s milk is for baby cows, not infants and certainly not adult human beings. We are the only species on the planet that consumes milk from another animal.

At the Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical Centers, we use a systematic educational process to teach patients how to make healthy choices easily. There is no starvation. There is no calorie reduction. It’s all about eating the right way. It is not eating for your blood type, but it is eating for your species type. When you do, chronic diseases either disappear from the population, or significantly decline in prevalence.

Most patients see an improvement in the bio-markers in their 60-90 days.

Reversing Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy was being reversed in patients at Duke University back in the 1950s,  naturally by a Doctor named Walter Kempner. Dr. Kempner was born in Germany in 1903 and immigrated to the US, after being recruited by Duke University. He is the inventor of the so-called “Rice Diet.” You see, Dr. Kempner looked at the low incidence of diabetes in Asia, so he designed a dietary program based primarily on rice, to determine if it would help his patients. It did help, immensely. It worked especially well for reversing diabetic retinopathy as well. It was without medicine. In fact, many patients were able to stop taking their medicines, which is what we observe as well.

The Revolutionary High Order Primate Diet™

We have come a long way since Dr. Kempner’s work. But one thing has not changed since Dr. Kempner’s day. That is our DNA. You see, the human species are considered high-order primates. If we look to how high-order primates instinctively eat in nature, we find they eat a diet of 97% or more of whole plant foods. We now know that we need to build a diet predominately on whole foods to reverse type II diabetes, maintain a healthy wait and avoid the leading chronic diseases plaguing western civilization. This is what we refer to as the High-Order Primate Diet™.  When followed, we see excellent results. Usually in 60-90 days, if not sooner. This is well documented in much of the scientific literature. It is even shown in the research done by Kempner.

Most people think that a whole food plant-based diet is bland or hard to do. It is not. A whole food plant-based diet is actually like being released from prison. It opens a whole new world of possibilities to patients who in the  past thought they were genetically predisposed to their diseases.

Lifestyle influences diabetes more than genetics. Most are not predisposed for diabetes, especially type-II diabetes because of genetics.

Also, with the growth and expansion of the whole foods empire, there are a never ending list of excellent tasting recipes, that essentially duplicate the dishes so many enjoy today.

It is actually easier than you think to get started on a healthy path to reversing type 2 diabetes and controlling type 1 diabetes better. 


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