Metabolic Health & Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine offered in Tampa Bay (Temple Terrace) Florida, Louisville Kentucky, Costa Rica, TJ Mexico, and Panama City Panama.

Lifestyle Medicine can help you lose weight, avoid chronic disease, reverse many common chronic diseases, and provide you the best defense against dying of cancer and heart disease.

Lifestyle Medicine is breaking new ground in health care. No more calorie restriction. Learn to eat for your DNA type following our High-Order Primate Diet™ solution.

Board certified doctors in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Family Medicine.


Evidence is now overwhelming – most of our leading chronic diseases and killers are mostly lifestyle induced and can be avoided and reversed.

Leading causes of death in the United States, 2016

Temple Terrace, Tampa Bay, Louisville Kentucky
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Evidence Rapidly Accumulating – Chronic Disease is Avoidable and Reversible!

Tampa Bay / Temple Terrace Hormone Replacement Metabolic Wellness
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AgeMetrics™ programs employ lifestyle medicine including our High-Order Primate Diet™, hormone replacement and optimization, medical weight-loss, and lifestyle coaching.


Tells us some basics. Example: Your goals, energy level, symptoms, weight (BMI), anti-aging desires, exercise, nutrition, smoker/non-smoker, etc.