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Medical Weight Loss based on Metabolic Health – What took Medicine so Long to Discover it?

A Unique Approach to Medical Weight-Loss using our Metabolic Wellness Lifestyle Program in Temple Terrace Floridan next to USF

For years doctors and dietitians have been focusing on the wrong things when it comes to weight loss. It’s not carbs, calories or portion control. It’s much simpler – it’s about eating the proper diet for your DNA type.

Humans are high-order primates. If we follow how other high-order primates eat, our body returns to homeostasis and we become healthy. We share approximately 97% of our DNA with apes. In the wild, apes and other similar high-order primates eat close to 97% of their calories from whole plant-foods.  When we look to how the other high-order primates eat, we learn that by modifying our diet similar to theirs, we can live much healthier lives.

That does not mean we are Apes, nor do we need to eat only leaves. We are far different from the ape species in many ways – no doubt, and we can intelligently build a whole food plant-based menu rich in flavors and enjoyable to eat. It’s only a matter of learning how to modify some existing recipes with proper modifications.

We share nearly 97% of our DNA with apes, and 97% of their diet consists of whole foods based on plants.

Do apes suffer from arteriosclerosis in the wild? No they don’t. Ironically, Apes only suffer many of the same problems humans do when raised in captivity. In captivity apes are generally fed a form of “ape-chow.” Obviously science has done a poor job with ape chow, because when fed it, they too suffer from obesity, heart disease, hypertension and cancers in captivity.

If you really want to lose weight we are here to help. If prescriptions are used, we will perform in clinic testing and an EKG on the spot. We also will do more than most other weight-loss centers by educating you on information about the human species and our diets. Information you will be surprised to learn is often suppressed, in subtle ways, while in plain sight.

We are experts in natural high-order primate diets, which is an optimal human diet for metabolic health, weight-loss, body composition improvement, and cellular rejuvenation. When you follow our plan, you never starve. In fact, you eat abundantly without portion control or calorie restriction. Those outdated calorie restriction dietary protocols are relics, our approach is based in physiology and truth.

Help is here. You can turn your life around sooner than you think. We will help you accelerate your metabolism better than others because we are truly teaching nutrition using an evidenced-based scientific approach. You will also find that many of your chronic diseases or chronic disease markers will gradually reverse.


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