HGH Human Growth Hormone Therapy Norditropin Flex Pro and Nordilet Style Injection Pens

HGH Human Growth Hormone Therapy Norditropin Flex Pro and Nordilet Style Injection Pens

Who Makes Growth Hormone, how to dose it, and why it is so much less expensive with us?

There are several large multi-national pharmaceutical companies that produce human growth hormone for child or adult HGH replacement therapy. The key companies are ranked below along with estimated global market share for HGH. 

  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk: Approximate market share 35%:<Norditropin Website>
  • Gentropin by Pfizer: Approximate market share 21%
  • Omnitrope by Sandoz: Approximate market share 13%
  • Humatrope by Eli Lilly: Approximate market share 11%
  • Nutropin by Roche: Approximate market share 8%
  • Saizen by Merck: Approximate market share 7%
  • Others by misc. Remaining market share 5%

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Norditropin FlexPro and Nordilet Pen Dosages

Note: Zomacton is one of the new HGH medications recently approved by the FDA for adult human growth hormone deficiency <Link>. Zomacton is rapidly becoming a popular choice in the USA since its price is lower than most of the other alternatives. The disadvantage of Zomacton is it is not as convenient to use as some of the other medications. Norditropin HGH is our choice for the easiest and most convenient HGH therapy program.  

Note: Norditropin is by far the best option, but its HGH-price-point makes it unreasonable for most patients in the USA. Most patients who choose Norditropin will find a better value by working with one of our international treatment centers.

Norditropin HGH Replacement Options

As mentioned above, Norditropin HGH is manufactured by Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is a multi-national pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Denmark . It is by far the most widely used global brand of HGH therapy in the world with an estimated market share of over 35%. Its closest rival is made by Pfizer with an estimated 21% market share. Norditropin used to be a commonly prescribed in the United States, but that has been changing over the past 5-7 years due to its high cost in the states compared with other brands, like Zomacton HGH.

Norditropin is more reasonably priced and affordable at our international treatment centers in Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama. In fact, Norditropin HGH in the premixed pen form-factor is at least 50% less through our treatment programs. At our treatment centers, our doctors are board certified in anti-aging medicine. Some holding US citizenship in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Medical Tourism is a big part of our business at our Anti-Aging and Wellness treatment centers. The primary reason for this is patients trust us when it comes to their bio-identical hormone replacement and HGH replacement therapy. Whether it is domestically prescribed here in the United States, or abroad at one of our medical tourism treatment centers, patients receive the same level of care and attention they expect in the US. Nearly 85% of our patients originate from North America, primarily the US and Canada.

Norditropin HGH is considered the “gold standard” for adult human growth hormone replacement. It comes in a convenient pen form factor, is premixed, and can even go without refrigeration for 7-14 days when traveling. 

Anti-Aging and Wellness Treatment Centers are the No.1 choice for bio-identical hormone programs that include HGH replacement as part of the therapy. For 50% less than any inflated big-pharma rates in the United States, patients can save thousands of dollars in a relatively short amount of time. 

Why is HGH so expensive in the States? Watch the video below to learn about the attention this issue is finally getting in Washington D.C. The USA is getting fleeced with prescription drug prices, especially HGH. 

The United States pays an artificially high price for Human Growth Hormone Therapy. Trump: “The same drug, with the same ingredients, manufactured in the same production plants, yet Americans pay more than everyone else.”

Norditropin HGH Pens & Dosing Instructions

There are two styles of Norditropin HGH Injection Pens. There is a Norditropin HGH Injection Pen called the FlexPro, and a Norditropin HGH Injection Pen called the Nordilet. The primary difference between the two pens is mechanical in nature and where they are distributed from. The medication is exactly the same inside the pen. The only difference is how the dosage is dialed in before injecting. 

The Norditet HGH Pen – 10MG/30IU Version (Available in Costa Rica & Panama)

The Nordilet HGH Pen is shown in the image below. This pen is available in Costa Rica, Panama and other parts of Central America.

NordiFlex 10 mg/1.5 mL 30IU HGH Injection Pen

A common HGH replacement dosage for adult human growth hormone deficiency is 1.5 IU per day 4 or 5 days per week. Some dosages may run a bit less or a bit higher depending on the patient. The ultimate dosage any patient receives is based on the individual’s medical examination and how their body metabolizes the medication. Dosages are prescribed conservatively initially, and then optimized to precise levels by follow-up blood tests and how the patient responds to treatment. 

Below is a short video showing how to inject the Norditropin Nordilet Pen. The same medication, the same manufacturer, but at 50% less with us at our international treatment centers.

For calculating dosages, the pen cap is turned and makes a click sound.

Norditropin Nordilet Pen DosagesTo the left is a table of the Pen-Cap-Click-Dose versus the resolution related to milligrams and IU dosages. 

Note – this for the Norditropin Nordilet Blue 10mg/1.5ml pen. Note, mg is the HGH milligram amount, dose is the click amount, and IU is the standard international unit amount. 

Norditropin HGH comes in two other sizes and colors. Those pens are green (15mg) and yellow (5mg). This table is only for the Norditropin Nordilet Blue Pen (10 mg). 

For other Norditropin pen colors, contact one of our service representatives for accurate dosing and calculations. 

Currently we only prescribe the Blue Norditropin 10 mg size pens.

The Norditropin FlexPro HGH Pen (USA & Mexico)

The Norditropin FlexPro HGH Pen differs from the Nordilet version. The HGH medicine inside is exactly the same medication as the other Norditropin Nordilet Pen. The only difference is the mechanical design and how the dose is adjusted.

Norditropen Flex pen HGH

To calculate IU dosage with this pen, you will need to do a simple calculation to convert milligrams to IUs. The dial on the pen is in milligrams, so to convert milligrams to IU’s, you simply multiply the milligram value on the dial by 3.

Common dosages are listed below.


Conversion Multiplier

International Units (IU)

0.35 MG


1.05 IU

0.50 MG


1.50 IU

0.65 MG


1.95 IU

0.70 MG


2.10 IU

Americans deserve fairness with prescription drug prices. Even politicians are finally realizing that it is unfair that US Citizens pay more for common medications than other countries. Now there is a choice.  Contact one of our trusted treatment centers and learn how to get started for less.


Tells us some basics. Example: Your goals, energy level, symptoms, weight (BMI), anti-aging desires, exercise, nutrition, smoker/non-smoker, etc.

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