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Step 1 Blood Testing

The first step to see if you are a candidate for hormone optimization is blood testing and consulting with our medical team.

Step 2 Individual Program

Our medical practitioners customize an individualized hormone replacement program for you. Then we follow you every step of the way. 

Step 3 VIP Monitoring

Once on the program, our medical team and coaches monitor your progress. Our goal is to keep you healthy and happy.

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HGH Doctors: What Type of Physicians Prescribe Growth Hormone Replacement for Men and Women

Physicians who Prescribe Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Generally have Training in Age Management or Anti-Aging Medical  Specialties.

 There is no such specialization called HGH Doctors. That is primarily a name given to doctors who specialize in age management and anti-aging modalities. HGH replacement is one component of a comprehensive hormone replacement program.

HGH doctors will predominantly prescribe other forms of hormone replacement therapies. In men this often entails testosterone replacement. In women, this generally relates to estrogen and progesterone replacement. In some cases, HGH doctors will test for deficiencies in these patients. Once deficiencies are recorded, HGH doctors can recommend treatment to elevate growth hormone levels into more optimal physiological ranges.

Cost of HGH Doctors

HGH doctors are not cheap. Expect to invest a significant amount for initial testing and evaluations. Particularly with HGH doctors in the United States. Often their fees are very high due to the amount of regulatory issues related to prescribing and treating patients for their growth hormone deficiencies.

Lower cost HGH doctors in the USA will often charge between $800-$1,000 USD for the initial medical consultation which includes comprehensive blood testing. In Costa Rica HGH doctors at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic will charge around $550 USD for the comprehensive blood testing and medical consultation. This is considerable less. On top of that, they can legally prescribe the same FDA approved growth hormone medications approved for growth hormone deficiencies in the US. This is the case for the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic’s treatment centers in Mexico and Panama as well.

How Long do HGH Doctors Prescribe Growth Hormone?

How long HGH doctors prescribe HGH depends on many circumstances. Generally, for first time patients they tend to go slow. Expect a prescription for 30 to 90 days initially. Then the HGH doctor will do a follow up with the patient to see how they are progressing. If the patient seems to be doing well and blood testing shows their levels are optimized properly, subsequent prescriptions may be for much longer.

What Training do HGH Doctors Get to Prepare for Treating Patients

The best HGH doctors get board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is the longest and largest promoter of true Anti-Aging Medicine consisting of hormone replacement, supplementation of vitamins and minerals, as well as other lifestyle modifications shown to enhance life.

How do HGH Doctors Determine Growth Hormone Deficiencies

HGH Doctors will conduct comprehensive blood testing, discuss with a patients their detailed medical history, and look for a number of symptoms (clues) characteristic of those related to human growth hormone deficiencies.

There are two common tests used to determine growth hormone deficiency. Because growth hormone is released in pulses, a single measurement of the blood level is not normally clinically useful. Therefore, testing for the suppression or stimulation of growth hormone release from the pituitary is usually done. They are listed below:

  • Growth hormone stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factor 1, (IGF-1). Growth hormone is converted to IGF-1 as it passes through the liver. IGF-1 mediates the effects of HGH. It helps promote bone and tissue growth and is an indicator of HGH levels. IGF-1 remains relatively stable for several hours making it a good test for measuring HGH production. It has its critics, but now it has been used for more than 10 years as a reliable and effective measure by physicians in the USA and throughout the world to monitor HGH levels and HGH production in patients safely and effectively.
  • Growth hormone stimulation tests can help to diagnose GH deficiency as well. For a stimulation test, a small amount of blood is drawn after 10-12 hours of fasting. Then, under close medical supervision, a person is given an an IV solution of a substance that normally stimulates the release of HGH from the patient’s pituitary. Blood test are drawn periodically over a several hour period to benchmark specific levels of HGH. We consider this test inconvenient, unnecessary and a potential risk to the patient. We do not recommend this test and prefer IGF-1 level measurements.

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