Norditropin HGH Costs Pen HGH 10mg 30iu

HGH Cost? What About Cenegenics Costs

HGH Costs are overpriced in the USA. Cenegenics costs can be matched by alternative providers with more program options available at lower rates.

What's the Most Popular HGH Brand and Its Cost?

Norditropin is the most popular and most prescribed brand of HGH. It is manufactured by Novo Nordisk. The company is headquartered in Denmark. Novo Nordisk is a global leader in diabetic and human growth hormone medications. 

  • Norditropin Blue Pen 10MG / 30 IU
HGH Market Distribution
HGH Benefits, Rudman et. al.
HGH Decline with Age
HGH Release

HGH Replacement Therapy is More Affordable Than You Think.

HGH Costs Under $650 per month - Norditropin 10MG Blue Pen.

Most HGH replacement programs range between $550 to $650 per month through one of our medical tourism treatment programs. We offer great alternatives high HGH costs in the USA. Avoid paying outrageous costs of HGH with us. We deliver exceptional service, medical management, and we undercut more US HGH Clinics including Cenegenic’s Costs for HGH replacement therapy by at least 60% or more.

Keeping HGH Costs and HGH Prices Lower for Uninsured HGH Treatments

The cost of HGH seems to continue to rise in the US. The difficulty for many leads them to one of our international destinations. These high costs only hurt the middle class.  The rich and famous receive expensive concierge medical services related to HGH prescriptions. The high cost of HGH only denies treatment to those who cannot afford it. It is not a legal issue, it is simply affordability and denied access to treatment for many. If you are willing to pay expensive fees for expensive testing in the USA for HGH, you won’t have any trouble finding providers who prescribe the treatment based on measuring and documenting deficiencies.

HGH Costs are Lower at Clinics Treating with Sermorelin

Some clinics resort to promoting peptides like Sermorelin as real growth hormone, but it is not. Sermorelin won’t deliver similar results as HGH, (especially in older adults) as true HGH replacement therapy can. For may years, we’ve treated thousands of patients with HGH at our international treatment centers, where HGH replacement therapy is legally prescribed and much more affordable. In many cases the savings is 60% or greater.

In a 2013 Media Report filed by CNN, Cenegenics costs for patients taking human growth hormone injections runs from $20,000-$30,000 annually.

Not all programs will cost patients $20K or 30K per year. It depends on the individual patients therapy. 

To lower HGH cost, you need to look outside your own area and go to where the prices are lower. By simply traveling short distances, patients can save thousands of dollars on their HGH prescription costs and refills.

Ask us about seeing one of our US Doctors first and get your program managed at home.

Note: Prices are estimated based on pricing research done as of November of 2017. 


Isn't Growth Hormone Decline a Normal Part of Aging?

Many people ask the question: “isn’t hormone decline just a normal part of the aging process?” The answer is not so simple.  We must step back and recognize our modern population with its modern lifestyle of processed foods and fatty foods, is sicker than ever. We are living longer, but our individual healthy life-span is shortening.

The modern diet consisting of too many processed foods and too many carbohydrates equates to a calorie rich / nutrient deficient diet resulting in excess carb consumption leading to excess blood glucose control and insulin resistance. This eventually leads to weight gain and metabolic dysfunction.  We are overfed while at the same time nutrient deficient. This has never been seen at such a level before in all of human history. Never has mankind eaten so many calories while depriving himself of important nutrients vital to health and longevity.

Our number one goal is to help educate patients on when and how to eat for better nutrient density and blood sugar control. We teach the whole food diet and explain human physiology and why it is often one of the most misunderstood health topics.

Next, we look at hormone levels. In many cases we see lower levels than normal and almost always lower levels than optimal. For instance, the testosterone levels of men were reported much lower in modern times than in prior decades. In some cases as much as 25%, or perhaps more.  Key male sex hormones seem to be declining more rapidly than prior generations. This is likely due to the obesity epidemic, poor diet, exposure to processed materials containing xenoestrogens, and many other environmental toxins.

Poor eating habits, a high body mass index, an inverted hip-to-waist ratio, and exposure to environmental hormone mimickers such as xenoestrogens are all likely contributing to less than optimal hormone control and a natural balance.  

By replacing deficiencies in hormones, we help our patients’ bodies work more efficiently accelerating a return to a more natural and healthy metabolism. 

Studies repeatedly show heart disease and cancers are avoidable in cultures that avoid the wrong foods, eat the right foods, and avoid known carcinogenic toxins of which some include: smoking, heavy alcohol use, pesticides, herbicides, fire retardants and other environmental chemicals known as the dirty dozen endocrine disruptors [eBook download] 18MB. Download the eBook and study the chart above.

We help patients grow healthier. We can do it for less than many realize, and we strongly believe our program is superior in many ways to other age management programs costing tens of thousands of dollars or more. Many high-end age management programs remain too heavily focused on conventional (consensus-based) medicine, omitting the well-known research regarding a whole foods, keto, fasting, and  a carb-controlled lifestyle.

Unfortunately, healthy whole foods are missing for many Americans, and are frequently substituted for convenient processed foods.  Those who are struggling with chronic disease and metabolic syndrome need to learn how keto-based food programs combined with fasting and hormone optimization therapies can reverse many chronic diseases or their symptoms, and dramatically improve ones quality of like. 

When treatment benefits are sought through HGH replacement therapy, patients can turn to us for proper testing and medically supervised oversight of treatment. In many instances, patients can find Norditropin or Saizen HGH at less than $18 per IU at our treatment centers.

See a demonstration of the HGH Pen called Norditropin below. It is the most convenient HGH delivery system on the market. 

HGH Demonstration of Norditropin Pen 10MG Blue Pen

The Rudman Human Growth Hormone Study

Essentially, the Rudman study observed the following keys:

  • Treatment was given for a period of 6 months
  • Ages ranged from 61 to 81 years
  • Men were injected at 8:00AM, with intervals between HGH injections only 1 or 2 days
  • The men followed a healthy diet directed by a dietician
  • Study found no significant change in body weight
  • Lean body mass increased by 8.8%
  • Fat decreased by 14.4%
  • Skin thickness increased 7.1%
  • An increase in bone density was observed

One thing we know for sure, improved body composition which includes less fat and lower body mass index (BMI), is strongly correlated with better health. At present, roughly 70% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. Just by decreasing body fat by 10-15% as reported in the Rudman study referenced above, could have a powerful impact at reducing  unhealthy diseases like heart disease, hypertension and type II diabetes, which are strongly correlated to obesity.

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