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Cenegenics (Age Management) Vs. Anti-Aging

Human Growth Hormone, Cenegenics, Age Management Vs. Anti-Aging and Wellness for health-span, longevity, and quality of life.

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Cenegenics style age management compared with anti-aging. What is the real difference? 

This information is updated for 2020. It covers hormone replacement and lifestyle improvement aimed at improving health, vitality, and longevity.

For those seeking Cenegenics’ style medical protocols at more affordable rates, look no further.

We review the Cenegenics’ information from 2013 until 2020, including their prior stated positions on age management vs. cellular-based anti-aging medicine. 

This latest version of the guide also looks at the latest anti-aging research into epigenetic age reversal. We discuss the work currently being done by famous researchers like David Sinclair, Ph.D. among others. 

Many of these concepts have been in use by our board-certified anti-aging doctors for years. But more recently, conventional research scientists like Sinclair and others are embracing anti-aging as a science. Their work is helping us all improve and enhance these protocols.

Learn from us about anti-aging protocols studied by some of the best researchers in the field. 

Contrary to skeptics’ opinions who diminish the critical role evidenced-based anti-aging protocols play in the quality of human life, we believe this area of medicine will revolutionize health and wellness like never before. 

We are closer than ever before at helping more reach improved energy, vitality and focus. 

Practical protocols that aim to:

  1. Support optimal metabolic health which can help reduce hypertension, improve lipids, reduce harmful blood-sugars and reduce age markers in humans. 
  2. With proper hormone replacement and optimization, we can help accelerate rejuvenation by improving key signaling molecules along with other important supplementation such as DHEA, metformin for insulin-resistant metabolisms, and more. 
  3. Follow updated nutritional protocols founded upon evidence-based findings published by leading authorities related to time-restricted feeding, fasting-mimicking, among others. These straight forward processes can help trigger both cell cleansing and cellular regeneration. 

We believe there is a direct intersection between these key elements above and improving health-span, quality of life, and longevity.

  • Live better
  • Feel better
  • Love better

Finally, we conclude with the costs of this therapy and ongoing treatment rates along with which additional tests to consider based on a cost-benefit analysis for patients with economic concerns. 

  1. Domestic Costs Vs. Anti-Aging and Wellness Elite Wellness Beyond Borders price savings.
  2. Traveling with prescription medications.
  3. Support from U.S. locations and international locations in a manner which optimizes your lowest cost rates, without sacrificing your standard of care.

Anti-Aging Proofs May be Around the Corner

New research done by Dr. David Sinclair and others have shown great promise in epigenetic anti-aging, a more accurate predictor of aging than chronological age alone. 

Aging does not have to be normal nor accepted. It’s unnatural for humans not to desire aging better, or aging slower. Or better yet, reverse aging at the cellular level. 

We are on the verge of a revolution in this area.

Although more research is still needed before any definitive protocols are established, we now have some common-sense things we can do to enhance cellular wellness and metabolic health. 

One example is Metformin. Metformin is the first line of treatment for adult-onset diabetes and is used in some cases for prediabetics. Some doctors may use it as a weight-loss medication. It is currently being studied for anti-aging purposes by leading scientists. See <TAMES Clinical Trials> study. 

Famous Harvard anti-aging researcher David Sinclair (Comments on Tom Bilyeu YouTube channel) and others are taking Metformin for age management, not as a diabetic medication. 

Dr. Sinclair is always very cautious and measured. However, most of the protocols he follows are with medications and supplements which have been used for years for other purposes and considered safe, when used under the supervision of a medical doctor and taken responsibly. 

Anti-Aging / Dr. Sinclair Interview - December 2019

Dr. Sinclair also supplements with NAD+ (NMN) for its benefits related to longevity and mitochondrial wellness.  

Anti-Aging and epigenetics (Understanding Epigenetics NIH). Recently a small research study was published regarding key aging biomarkers being reversed by 2 years or more after taking HGH and Metformin over 12 months <Aging Cell – Reversal of Aging>, [Aging Cell – Reversal of Aging pdf]. 

We do not prescribe Metformin for anti-aging purposes. However, we do follow evidence-based research related to the standard American diet and its influence on glycemic variability and proper glucose control. 

Let’s face it, approximately 70% of the population is overweight or obese. Most of these patients are potentially near diabetic (prediabetic) or will be within a matter of 10-15 years.

Reference this one Japanese study on forecasting type II diabetes 10 years in advance. Other research going all the way back to the 1970s suggests the same thing. Detection of Diabetes In Situ, by Dr. Kraft, MD.

We approach health and wellness through integrative medicine. Our physicians pay close attention to various blood biomarkers which may indicate poor glucose control. In those instances, we will assess each individual’s health, and if they should undergo a strict lifestyle modification program. In some cases, Metformin may be a good option for the patient.  

Anti-Aging and HGH, DHEA and Metformon

Reversal of Epigenetic Aging in Adults

The Anabolic & Catabolic States for Aging

How feast-famine metabolic states work for optimal wellness.

Although more research needs to be done, many scientists are now working to show how growth hormone therapy used in combination with time-restricted feeding, and other therapies like metformin, deserve more intense study into longevity and aging. 

Epigenetic age (a more accurate measure to chronological age) appears to be reversible at the cellular level.

The key to this appears to be cycling through periodic states of time-restricted feeding, avoiding poor glucose control with diet, and short periods of regenerative protocols which may include growth hormone. 

It likely is related to simulating a paleo-style ecosystem. 

The diet of a modern human condition results in an over-fed, overweight, and metabolic unhealthy individual for the majority of the population. We are starving for nutrient-dense foods as our metabolism goes into overdrive with consistently high blood glucose levels, leading to fat accumulation. Much of this occurs around the liver and leads to metabolic problems, including hormone dysregulation.

By forcing the body through simulated (mimicked) feast-famine situations, the body can best use its natural regenerative abilities to reset. It’s a control-alt-delete for Microsoft Windows users. 

The famine (catabolic state) appears to clear senescent cells, while the feasting (an anabolic state) appears to regenerate new healthier cells.

Obviously it’s not beneficial to remain in either one of these states indefinitely. Starvation isn’t good. But now we know, overfeeding indefinitely like the standard American diet isn’t good either.

When this metabolic yin-yang (‘dualism’) approach to metabolism is done properly, the body best uses its natural regenerative states to improve health and wellbeing.

In ideal cases, it may be that forcing short periods of catabolic and anabolic metabolisms actually clears marginal cells and then regenerates newer and healthier cells. 

By using well-monitored programs as our anti-aging doctors provide, we can help patients improve their overall metabolic state. And in doing so, increase their chances of a longer, healthier, and higher quality of life. 

Anti-Aging and Wellness can deliver hormone replacement therapies for expensive HGH at 1/3 the price through our international treatment centers in Mexico and Costa Rica. 

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Cenegenics, human growth hormone, dr jeffry lifeCenegenics’ Dr. Jeffry Life discusses Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Cenegenics Costs with CNN reporter. At age 74, Dr Jeffry Life’s age in 2013, Dr. Life remains in better physical condition than most men at age 35 in modern generations.

Dr. Jeffry Life, Cenegenics’ CEO at the time, discusses his use of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Cenegenics has been around for over 20 years. The price of Cenegenics’ programs reportedly run up to $15K-$20K per year.

One of its biggest claims is that it is the largest anti-aging / age management center of its kind in the world. It was also the first company to begin this type of therapy at such a large scale, including human growth hormone replacement along with testosterone replacement.

Back in 2013, when this interview was made, Cenegenics’ estimated annual revenues were $100 million.

Reduce your HGH therapy costs.
See HGH (Somatropin) costs in the top 10 U.S. cities compared to our rates in Tijuana Mexico and Costa Rica.

Watch CNN Interview 2013: Dr. Jeffry Life, Human Growth Hormone, and the Fountain of Youth

Human Growth Hormone – Replacing Natural Deficiencies

One segment of this news story discusses the potential dangers of people who use human growth hormone. Like professional athletes who may be taking excessively high doses of the hormone.

Taking excessive amounts of growth hormone is never a good decision. An amount of treatment in excess of what’s optimal physiologically can be dangerous.

Negative side-effects are rare in adults when HGH is prescribed correctly. So working with a doctor and optimizing replacement HGH dosages is the objective for reaching optimal results.

As Dr. Jeffry Life states, the goal is only to use human growth hormone therapy as a method of replacing deficiencies measured in patients to normal upper-physiologic levels.

Upper-physiological levels are those shown in healthy younger adults.

Our most immediate health concern must be maintaining optimal age-related chronic disease markers. When proper protocols are followed with hormone therapy and diet, this can be achieved in most individuals.

A 2016 chart below shows how millions of people are dying each year because of chronic disease. The third leading cause of death is due to medical error.

Medical error afflicts those with chronic diseases like heart disease and cancers the most. The primary reason is more visits to the hospital affords more opportunity for mistakes which can cost you your life.

Work with doctors like ours that focus on intervening before heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases associated with aging and lifestyle diminish your quality of life. We focus on improving key wellness markers which help optimize your metabolic health.

Cenegenics Costs with Dr. Jeffry Life and Human Growth Hormone Therapy The United States Leading Causes of Death 2016

While many conventional medical groups cite evidence of dangers from
human growth hormone abuses by athletes, they seem to overlook its beneficial role with body composition, energy, sleep, and tissue regeneration. 

The health of the US population is in serious decline.

Diseases like heart disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s kill more than 1 million Americans each year. Many, perhaps 80% of these diseases may be avoidable.

Most of these diseases are associated with the obesity epidemic and poor lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking. HGH can support improved body composition by reducing fat, increasing healthy lean muscle tone, and reducing exercise recovery when combined with a healthy metabolic state. 

Heart Disease and Cancers are the two leading causes of death claiming over 1 million lives per year. These diseases can be avoided in large part through healthy lifestyle choices.

We encourage our patients to follow a healthy nutrition program that includes proper blood sugar management, reduce their exposure to environmental toxins – especially those mimicking hormones, and maintain their ideal weight and body composition.

Human growth hormone may have the potential to actually help reverse the epigenetic aging process as measured with sophisticated human biomarkers.

Chronological age cannot be reversed, but science is uncovering new ways of reversing epigenetic aging.

Considering many of the benefits clearly listed in years of medical research, perhaps human growth hormone therapy should play a larger role and should be considered more often by physicians for improving the quality of life of many aging adults with deficiencies due to the modern lifestyle.

We believe it may be possible to save the lives of many, or at least reduce premature deaths due to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and  some cancers. 

Blood Testing & Evaluation

All well trained anti-aging medical professionals prescribing human growth hormone replacement therapy have their patients go through a mandatory and thorough screening process.

Requirements to a healthy elite wellness program include blood testing, physical examination, recurring laboratory analysis of blood tests and body composition, as well as ongoing lifestyle coaching.

HGH blood testing may include a pituitary stimulation test, which has its risks, or other forms of less-invasive testing such as measuring IGF-1, which has a good correlation to actual growth hormone secretion.

Important Note: We prefer to measure IGF-1 levels to determine adult human growth hormone deficiency in our patients. The reason: it has no inherent risk, it is fast, correlates well to actual growth hormone secretion, and is less costly to the patient.

Dr. Jeffry Life and Cenegenics over the years have done excellent work at creating and promoting awareness of the enormous advantages of human growth hormone and testosterone replacement therapy. That’s commendable.

Where we believe Dr. Jeffry Life and Cenegenics can improve is by offering more affordable treatment and follow up programs to patients. 

At the time of this writing, Cenegenics costs are well above market norms.

We generally can save patients 60%-70%, and get most patients started on a treatment program comparable to Cenegenics’ human growth hormone replacement therapy in about half the time.

The costs of a program that Dr. Jeffry Life uses, or rather, a comprehensive Cenegenics’ style Age Management program, one can expect to pay $15,000-$20,000 annually and up at Cenegenics’ treatment centers in the USA.

At the Anti Aging and Wellness Treatment Centers in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama, one can expect to save 60% or more annually for human growth hormone and testosterone replacement, along with other vitamins and supplements. Patients will also have access to a nutritionist, nutrition counseling, as well as those with expertise in fasting and keto protocols aimed at reducing the damaging metabolic effects of poor blood glucose control.

How to Reduce HGH Costs

A major problem in the USA is the cost of the name brand pharmaceutical medications. Non-generic medications like HGH in the U.S. is 2 or 3 times the price than in Mexico and Costa Rica. Yet it’s the same medication by the same manufacturers. 

For instance, a 10MG Norditropin HGH Injection pen in the USA is approximately 3-times the price than in Mexico and Costa Rica. 

It’s the same medication by the same manufacturer whether sold in the USA or in Mexico or Costa Rica. 

Norditropin FlexPro HGH Injection Pen MX
Price in Florida $570.00 initial exams $1,295.00 monthly
Price in Mexico $550.00 initial exams $450.00 monthly
Price in Costa Rica $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly

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Doctor Qualifications | Board Certification

Qualifications of the medical professionals serving our patients are also important. Cenegenics requires doctors to pay to get into their program.

It’s been reported in web complaints (ref. Ripoffreport:) that doctors must pay Cenegenics a $15,000 fee to sign up as a Cenegenics practitioner. This covers their initial training and education for the physician on how Cenegenics operates its Age Management Program.

On the other hand, the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic requires its physicians to get their board certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We feel this is a superior approach and is reflected by the growth of this organization.

Here’s why. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is a non-profit 501(c)2 entity. Their programs are available to all physicians with the qualifications to fulfill the qualifications of board certification. 

Physicians take lengthy anti-aging training courses, must pass both oral and written examinations, before becoming board certified in anti-aging medicine. Unlike the Cenegenics method, the A4M Anti-Aging Board Certification is open like other board specialty certifications, while Cenegenics’ program is more like buying into a franchise.

Much has been written about anti-aging and age management medicine. Arguably, there are no deep dark secrets. Much of the information is readily available to any physician or researcher who cares to read and investigate the research already available.

If one was to distill it down to its basics, it can best be summed up as learning how to eat a clean diet, avoid toxic substances like consuming too much alcohol, smoking, and even limiting your exposure to environmental toxins.

Then, test and supplement deficiencies in the body including hormones, vitamins and perhaps minerals, add some exercise, and get the right amount of sleep.

We work hard to invest the time with you so you can best reach your wellness potential. 

Cenegenics, Jeffry Life, Human Growth Hormone, Board Certification

Monthly HGH Plans starting as low as $550.
Initial Program Assessment $550.

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It’s estimated Noditropin has close to 35% global market share. Other competitors are listed on the infographic. 

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