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Human Growth Hormone and Cenegenics’ Costs with Dr. Jeffry Life Interview. 

Human Growth Hormone and Anti-Aging for an Active Generation of Wealthy Baby Boomers to Millenials. Why they seek out the Dr. Life Lifestyle Plan.


Cenegenics, human growth hormone, dr jeffry lifeCenegenics’ Dr. Jeffry Life discusses Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Cenegenics Costs with CNN reporter. At age 74, Dr Jeffry Life’s age in 2013, Dr. Life remains in better physical condition than most men at age 35 in modern generations.

Dr. Jeffry Life, Cenegenics’ CEO at the time, discusses his use of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Cenegenics has been around a long time. The price of Cenegenic’s programs reportedly run up to $15K-$20K per year. One of its biggest claims is that it is the largest anti-aging / age management center of its kind in the world. It was also the first company to begin this type of therapy at such a large scale, including human growth hormone replacement along with testosterone replacement. Back in 2013, when this interview was made, Cenegenics’ estimated annual revenues were $100 million.

Watch CNN Interview 2013: Dr. Jeffry Life, Human Growth Hormone, and the Fountain of Youth

Human Growth Hormone – Replacing Natural Deficiencies

One segment of this news story discusses the potential dangers of people who use human growth hormone. Like professional athletes who may be taking excessively high doses of the hormone. An amount of treatment in excess recommended by legitimate anti-aging doctors, and potentially dangerous. As Dr. Jeffry Life states, the goal is only to use human growth hormone therapy as a method of replacing deficiencies measured in patients to normal physiologic levels.

Important Note: There are no research studies or reports that show replacing human growth hormone to normal physiological levels is dangerous. Statements suggesting such remain the opinion and/or speculation by certain physicians, insurance companies, government bodies, and naysayers outside of the Anti-Aging Medical community. Many conflicts of interest exist on all sides of the debate. 

Cenegenics Costs with Dr. Jeffry Life and Human Growth Hormone Therapy The United States Leading Causes of Death 2016

While fear mongers “cry-out” about the unknown dangers of
human growth hormone treatment, they seem to overlook and even ignore the reality and priorities facing the health of the US population, like heart disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. Most of these clearly associated with the obesity epidemic and poor body composition. HGH supports improved body composition by reducing fat, increasing healthy lean muscle tone, and supporting recover from exercise and other healthy activities. 

Heart Disease and Cancers are the two leading causes of death claiming over 1 million lives per year. These diseases can be avoided in large part through healthy lifestyle choices.  We encourage our patients to follow a healthy nutrition program that includes proper blood sugar management, reduce their exposure to environmental toxins – especially those mimicking hormones, and maintain their ideal weight and body composition.

Human growth hormone does not even play a tiny role when it comes to the overall health of Americans. Considering many of the benefits clearly listed in years of medical research, perhaps human growth hormone should play a larger role and should be considered more often by physicians for improving quality of life of many aging adults with deficiencies due to the modern lifestyle.

We believe it may be possible to save the lives of many, or at least reduce heart and cancer deaths by over 50% (500,000 lives per year) if we can promote a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy body composition in patients. 

Blood Testing

All legitimate anti-aging medical professionals prescribing human growth hormone replacement therapy need to have their patients go through a thorough screening process before prescribing natural human growth hormone treatment. This can include a pituitary stimulation test, which has its risks, or other forms of testing such as measuring IGF-1, which has a good correlation to actual growth hormone secretion.

Important Note: We prefer to measure IGF-1 levels to determine adult human growth hormone deficiency in our patients. The reason: it has no inherent risk, it is fast, correlates well to actual growth hormone secretion, and is less costly to the patient.

Dr. Jeffry Life and Cenegenics over the years have done excellent work at creating and promoting awareness of the enormous advantages of human growth hormone and testosterone replacement therapy. That’s commendable. Where we feel Dr. Jeffry Life and Cenegenics fail is offering affordable treatment and follow up programs at reasonable costs to the patient. At the time of this writing, Cenegenics costs are well above market norms.

We generally can save patients 60%-70%, and get most patients started on a treatment program comparable to Cenegenics’ human growth hormone replacement therapy in about half the time.

The costs of a program that Dr. Jeffry Life uses, or rather, a full-blown Cenegenics’ Age Management program, one can expect to pay $15,000-$20,000 annually and up at Cenegenics’ treatment centers in the USA. At the Anti Aging and Wellness Treatment Centers in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama, one can expect to save 60% or more annually for human growth hormone and testosterone replacement, along with other vitamins and supplements. Patients will also have access to a nutritionist, nutrition counseling, as well as those with expertise in fasting and keto protocols.

Qualifications of the medical professionals serving our patients are also important. Cenegenics requires doctors to pay to get into their program. It’s been reported in web complaints (ref. Ripoffreport:) that doctors must pay Cenegenics a $15,000 fee to sign up as a Cenegenics practitioner. This covers their initial training and education for the physician on how Cenegenics operates their Age Management Program. On the other hand, the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic requires its physicians to get their board certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We feel this is a superior approach. Here’s why. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is a non-profit 501(c)2 entity. Their programs are available to all physicians with the qualifications to fulfill the qualifications of board certification. Physicians take lengthy anti-aging training courses, must pass both oral and written examinations, before becoming board certified in anti-aging medicine. Unlike the Cenegenics method, the A4M Anti-Aging Board Certification is open like other board specialty certifications, while Cenegenics’ program is more like buying into a franchise.

Much has been written about anti-aging and age management medicine. Arguably, there are no deep dark secrets. Much of the information is readily available to any physician or researcher who cares to read and investigate the research already available. If one was to distill it down to its basics, it can best be summed up as learning how to eat a clean diet, avoid toxic substances like too much alcohol, smoking, and even environmental toxins, supplement deficiencies in the body including hormones, vitamins and perhaps minerals, exercise, and get the right amount of sleep. We can teach it and we invest the time to enlighten patients on how to take this knowledge and adapt it to long-lasting habits in their lives.

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