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Growth Hormone

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HRT Hormone Replacement Tijuana Mexico

Hormone Replacement

Men and women can take the hormone optimization further with concierge medical attention. We're here for you.

Weight-loss Tijuana Mexico


Begin an advanced medically supervised weight-loss program with us! Fasting mimicking, KETO, hCG and more. Start now!

Blood Testing: Why it's important to fast at least 12-14 hours.

Blood Testing

In-clinic comprehensive blood-testing and physician-patient consultation: US$550. Treatment is based on test results and MD consult.


ED Therapies

Many factors influence erectile performance. We offer various options: Medicines, injections, cell therapies and acoustic (pulse-wave) therapy.


Cell Therapies

Cell therapies include Platelet-rich plasma, Stem Cells and now Exosomes. All play various rolls in regenerative anti-aging medicine.


Mexico HGH TJ San Diego Treatment CenterLocated in the heart of North America’s leading Medical Tourist Destination. Anti-Aging Medicine in Tijuana Mexico.

Medical tourism is booming in TJ due to the rise of U.S health care costs. For years escalating U.S. health care costs has increased demand for alternatives in other countries. That includes everything from routine medical care to advanced anti-aging and regenerative therapies. While most Americans remain unaware of the benefits of medical tourism, others are exploiting the opportunity. With the rise of the internet and social media, more and more information is available to the public. Our goal is bringing evidenced-based anti-aging and regenerative therapies to medical tourists in an ethical, honest, and cost-effective manner.

The Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical center is located in the heart of TJ’s medical district. Our offices our on the sixth floor in a new state-of-the-art medical facility. The medical director of our facility in Tijuana is Dr. Paola Rosales. Dr. Rosales has dual Mexican / US citizenship and has lived in the Baja California area most of her life. She attended high school in the US and Medical School in Mexico, at the Autonomous University of Baja California. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Dr. Rosales is trained in bio-identical hormone replacement, processing and delivery of cellular therapies, medical weight-loss, and aesthetics including BOTOX and fillers. She has worked in medical tourism for a number of years, once serving as an anti-aging aesthetics physician for Steiner Leisure for Carnival Cruise lines.

Dr. Paola Rosales, MD – Anti-Aging Medical Exhibition 2017

"I am a practicing physician in the US. During a recent trip to San Diego, I visited Dr. Rosales in Tijuana. The service, cleanliness and quality of care was exceptional."
Dr. Mark Henderson Board Certified Anti-Aging Doctor Louisville KY
Mark H.
US Physician
“While on vacation, I recently visited one of the AAW clinics for my thyroid medication. I believe they are on the cutting-edge of age management medicine!"
Barbara B.
PhD from Los Angeles California
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