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About US: Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical – Now Growing throughout the USA

Our Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical Treatment Centers are currently operating in the Tampa Bay Area, Midwest, Including Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, as well as  Central America (Costa Rica, Panama) and Mexico.


Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical by AluvaLife™ was founded by James Richie. Mr. Richie is the co-founder and managing director of multiple highly rated age management centers in leading medical tourism destinations. Mr. Richie currently is bringing the Elite Wellness Beyond Borders™ brand of medical age management centers into US markets. Mr. Richie and his team continue to develop advanced wellness protocols using empirical (Deep AI computer) modeling, meta-data research, and well-known peer reviewed clinical studies related to the avoidance and reversal of our most common chronic diseases.

Note: All machine learning tools are iterative and employ risk, rate and prevalence models at various levels. The AgeMetrics’ process follows a strong foundation in evidence-based medicine, hence, offering the best chance of delivering repeatable wellness outcomes.

The Anti-Aging and Wellness model employed in the US follows the proprietary AgeMetrics™ protocols developed by Mr. Richie and his team through thousands of hours of analysis of peer reviewed medical research on age-related and non age-related chronic diseases, metabolic wellness, hormone replacement, and regenerative therapies like Platelet-rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapies.

Note: AgeMetrics™ machine tools are meant to aid physicians in decision-support, i.e., like a pre-flight or emergency checklist aids an airline pilot, while at the same time, it is not intended to interfere with the physician’s oversight and responsibility to patient care.

Below are key areas where AgeMetrics™ protocols can help.

  1. Optimizing Metabolic health faster and better through nutrient dense plant-based diets (High-Order Primate Diet™), exercise, replacing nutrient and hormone deficiencies, and encouraging optimal AgeMetrics™, otherwise known as pysiological key performance indicators (KPI’s) related to optimal wellness.
  2. Using additional therapies where appropriate to accelerate results, including hormone replacement therapies, IV nutrient infusions, and other aesthetic modalities related to aging skin such as laser rejuvenation, fillers and others.
  3. Employing regenerative cellular therapies using the latest evidenced-based research for platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies.
  4. Working with highly trained board certified physicians and researchers where appropriate to move evidence-based medicine further, faster in an ethical and affordable manner for patients.

Ask The Experts Radio Interview – James Richie Interview

James Richie is an avid health and wellness researcher and serial entrepreneur. He works with board certified anti-aging and regenerative therapy physicians as well as leading researchers to better deliver cutting-edge treatment programs both home and abroad. He has been involved with age management and anti-aging therapies personally and professionally since 2004.

Mr. Richie’s research interests include the following key areas:

  1. Reversing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, among others using a whole food plant-based diet and AgeMetrics™ protocol guidelines, following the published work of C. Esselstyn, N. Barnard., T. C. Campbell, and others.
  2. Accelerating metabolic wellness and disease reversal through evidence-based body composition improvements using hormone replacement therapy and weight loss therapies.
  3. Enhancing regenerative medicine modalities using metabolic wellness based on the AgeMetrics™ protocols to enhance efficacy of cellular therapies such as platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies

All treatment centers are staffed by Board Certified Doctors in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

What makes us a better choice? We concentrate on wellness rather than illness.

The difference in that philosophy is we focus on using the latest evidenced-based medical and scientific research which enables your body to function optimally at the cellular level. Once this occurs, the body’s natural healing mechanisms begin to work better and do their job more effectively.

We try to use pharmacology sparingly, only if and when necessary, to assist in our treatment programs. Where we differ is we use lifestyle medical treatment modalities that help you rejuvenate naturally.

So, for many individuals on heart medications, diabetes medications, and hypertension medications, which have significant risks of long-term negative side-effects,  we can actually help your body rejuvenate to the point where toxic pharmacological medications can be reduced and in some cases stopped altogether. All treatment is closely monitored by our physicians and our therapies are nothing new. Everything we do is closely monitored and always follows peer-reviewed research. Clinics like ours all over the country are now learning to do what many clinicians and researchers like ours have known and written about for years. Unfortunately, conventional medical clinics unfamiliar with Lifestyle Medicine, Training, and Coaching continue to fall further behind, while more patients keep getting sicker and sicker.

We support our rejuvenation therapies with short-term treatments in bio-identical hormone replacement for deficiencies, weight loss medications, IV therapy, and Platelet-rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapies. All these rejuvenation therapies are part of our modern age management medical toolbox because they really work for most patients at accelerating beneficial outcomes. Lifestyle is key, but toxin avoidance and replacing deficiencies using HRT and nutrient therapies also have their place at improving body composition and quality of life (QoL) factors.

For years many researchers and clinicians have been using similar lifestyle wellness modalities to help their patients avoid and reverse chronic diseases.

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